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Child Protection Statement

Child Protection Statement

Darnley Devils Junior Rugby League Football Club, in conjunction with the Rugby Football League and Social Services, want to make sure that all players, (Young Persons), are protected and kept safe whilst they in the care of officials reprsenting this club.

We will do this by:

1. Adopting and adhering to the the Rugby League Child Protection Policy Procedures. The club will also be bound by the decisions and recomendations of the Rugby League Child Protection Disciplinary Committees.

2. Making sure that all officials are carefully selected, vetted and where necessary trained.

3. Ensuring that details of any player's medical condition are notified to the relevant officials.

4. Giving parents and players information about the club's aims and ambitions and what they can expect from the club.

5. Advising parents of what the club can expect from them.

6. Letting parents and players know how to voice their concerns or complain if there is anything they are not happy with.

The Club has appointed a Child Protection Officer (CPO) whom all matters relating to child protection should be addressed.

Name of Clubs CPO: Suzanne Morrison